Should Art Be a Battleground for Social Justice?

Dinner time argument about a TV show came down to this:

My wish for entertainment was an affront to the show’s right to exist; its being morally good superseded any imperative for it to be creatively better.

What would Aristotle say? “Right to exist” vs. entertainment? Here possible ticket to empty theater seats and (dare we say it?) unsold newspapers. Wagging finger or hands clapping.

more more more at The New York Times

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  • Margaret  On 10/13/2018 at 8:01 AM

    I try not to click on articles in Leftie “newspapers.” As a news junkie, I now rely on the Internet reporters for digests of what is in the print media.

    Avoiding propaganda has limited my access to both news & entertainment. It’s my only way of punishing the Pravdas of our times.


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