What Hillsdale Can Teach Harvard

Manage without federal money and you can admit students as you wish. Harvard? Not so much. Hillsdale? No problem.

To put this in perspective, Hillsdale today has about 1,500 students, charges roughly $27,000 tuition for a first-rate liberal-arts education, and has a modest endowment of near $600 million. Harvard’s endowment clocks in at $39 billion.

If little Hillsdale can give up taxpayer dollars to remain true to its principles, surely big, wealthy Harvard can.

Harvard wants to have its policy and federal money too.

By the bye, Hillsdale’s history in the matter?

Back in the 1970s the federal government demanded the Michigan-based college begin counting its students by race and sex as a condition of the federal loans some of its students received.

For an institution whose founding charter made it the first college in the nation to declare itself open to all students “irrespective of nation, color, or sex,” and which boasted a long and noble history of color-blind admissions, this was insulting.

In 1956, for example, its undefeated football team refused an invitation to the Tangerine Bowl rather than comply with official demands that the college not field its black players.

So they made their “tough” decision and never looked back.

via WSJ

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