Dominus mihi adjutor – A monk’s-eye view of McCarrick and his fellow bishops etc.

The British monk-blogger cites U.S. bishops as a collective blot on the ecclesiastical landscape for their see-no-evil record in regards to McCarrick et al. but feels obliged to add:

After all, in England we had a similar case, that of Bishop [Kieran] Conry and his long-standing relationship with a mistress.

It was very well known in ecclesiastical circles, even from his days in Rome apparently. Yet he was promoted anyway.

Did any bishop protest at the time? The Conry case has one essential difference: his sin was with a woman, so a collective sigh of relief that it was not a minor encouraged silence.

Nor with a seminarian or other adult male, right? And in both cases ignored by the Vatican, and even some popes.

And unmentioned by the monk blogger. Bishop C.’s liaison was with a married woman and came after another six years earlier.

As Mehitabel the alley cat moaned repeatedly to his friend the cockroach, “Wotthehell, wotthehell, Archy?”

via Dominus mihi adjutor – A monk’s-eye view of things

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