The Cupich role in blindsiding the other bishops

Timing was all:

Cupich spoke from the floor [of the bishops’
conference meeting] immediately after [Cardinal, Conference
president] DiNardo’s announcement of the change Monday morning [the ukase from Rome, which left bishops gasping]. The cardinal [Cupich] suggested that the bishops continue to discuss the proposed measures and take non-binding votes on them. He offered no indication at that time that he would introduce a completely different plan. [Emphasis mine]

His secret, the supposed ace he would play.

By Tuesday afternoon, the Chicago cardinal rose to question the premise of the USCCB’s proposed independent commission, asking if it was a reflection of sound ecclesiology. [Being an absolute stickler for sound theology.] Cupich suggested that the commission could be seen as a way of “outsourcing” difficult situations.

The guy is amazing. He’s heard “outsourcing” used as outcry against jobs going overseas or means of corporate cost-cutting or blame-avoidance, tosses it in here — cleverly, in his book, a sidelong shot at the proposal the bishops were told not to vote on.

Shortly thereafter, Cupich submitted to conference leaders a seemingly well-prepared and comprehensive “Supplement to the [USCCB] Essential Norms,” which outlined in detail the plan he had developed with Wuerl.

He had it all along!

More to come . . .

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