Oh those google google eyes . . .

Watching, watching, watching. Remembering, remembering, remembering.

The film [A new documentary, The Creepy Line,] claims that Google is part of a deliberate manipulation of millions of users through its multiple platforms including YouTube to suppress conservative views.

Please, tell me no right-wing lies.

Specifically, the film suggests that during the 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign Google tweaked its search algorithm in an attempt to swing the election towards Hillary Clinton.

Oh no, The crooked candidate?

The filmmakers explain that, thereafter, searches for Clinton on Google almost invariably returned positive stories. In contrast, searches on other search engines had a more equitable and realistic split between positive and not so positive views on Clinton and her polices.

No fair!

Perhaps Google’s alleged position should not surprise us too much given that [former Google executive
Eric] Schmidt worked with the Clinton campaign in 2016.


The filmmakers also point to the now well-known 2016 report revealing an anti-conservative bias in Facebook’s human-run “trending” topics.

That’s it. No more Google. No more anything? No!


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