Chicago’s St. John Cantius Sunday mass in English . . .

Dominus Vobiscum: Notes from a massgoer's underground

A hybrid that eliminates 90% of the  objectionables:

1. Latin choir Gloria, Credo, etc. Vernacular is impinged, not eliminated. Music possibilities muy enhanced.

2. Ad orientem. Features mass, not priest as constant preacher. Worshipers are with him as he too prays. He is not the miked announcer.

3. Kneeling at rail for communion on tongue. Eliminates walking up (hurry up!) and standing for handout, cafeteria-style. (Watch out you don’t trip or bump anyone. Careful!)

4. Greeting of peace done without flourish, short and sweet. (Kiss your wife or husband if you want.)  No buzz of extended greetings. (Nor was there howdy-up at start of mass, signalling town-meeting aspect.)

5. General attitude, demeanor of reverence, general absence of non-reverence.

All in all, eliminating excesses, restoring sacramental atmosphere.

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