THE OTTAVIANI INTERVENTION II — Summary dismissal in 1969 of the New Order of the Mass

Dominus Vobiscum: Notes from a massgoer's underground

Objections summarized:

Among other points, the Study [by theologians convened by ranking cardinal at recently completed Vatican 2] maintains that the faithful “never, absolutely never, asked that the liturgy be changed or mutilated to make it easier to understand.”

“On many points,” the study says, “it has much to gladden the heart of even the most modernist Protestant.”

Furthermore, “the definition of the Mass is thus reduced to a ‘supper’.” “The altar is nearly always called the table.”

“The instruction recommends that the Blessed Sacrament now be kept in a place apart …as though it were some sort of relic.”

“The people themselves appear as possessing autonomous priestly powers.” “He [the priest] now appears as nothing more than a Protestant minister.”

For these and many other reasons, the Critical Study concludes that to abandon our liturgical tradition in favor of a liturgy “which teems with insinuations or manifests errors against…

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