Report shines light on 395 Catholic priests, deacons accused of sex misconduct | Chicago Sun-Times

Minnesota-based Jeff Anderson, longtime pursuer of abuser priests, lists priests accused, whether accusations have been substantiated or not.

He explains:

Anderson said his priority was protecting the alleged victims of abuse, not the church.

“It’s not sullying reputations, it’s protecting kids. And we’re going to err on the side of their privacy and the protection of the kids instead of the priests,” Anderson said.

But it is sullying reputations as well as protecting kids.

And his admission of willingness to err in the matter is unfortunately a signal to withhold willingness to take him seriously.

The more’s the pity, this being a very serious matter.

Antifa And MSM Openly Conspire To Crush Debate—Time for GOP To Confront The Emerging Totalitarian Left

There they go again:

It’s not that Main Stream Media journalists support Antifa—MSM journalists ARE Antifa. The alliance between the System’s street enforcers and its Narrative enforcers has become clearer than ever in recent weeks as MSM operatives denounce a new bill—sponsored by four Republican white males—that would impose harsh Federal penalties on the use of masks while undertaking political terrorism. [“Unmasking
Antifa” Act Introduced In Congress: 15 Year Sentence For
Masked Mayhem
, ZeroHedge, July 10, 2018]

With few exceptions, every story about the proposed bill adoringly quotes Antifa organizers and favorably describes their activities. For example:

Read on. Symptoms not new, but perps bolder than ever.