Things you could carry down the street in the U.S. “before 1918” without getting arrested. Far from it.

An exercise in startling comparison, as blogger “vannrox” explains himself

I believe in the Constitution. At least what it was first set up as, and not what the USA is today.

At the turn of the last century, before the progressive policies of the oligarchy were implemented, things were quite different. The last year of American freedom was sometime before 1918.

Back then, you could walk down main street carrying a bag of cocaine, a bag of heroin, a bag of pot, a gallon of laudanum, carrying a fully automatic Tommy gun, $20,000 in gold certificates, and a bag of dynamite.

And when the police would come up to talk to you, they would look at all the things you were carrying, and say;

“Nice day to you sir. Have a great day.”

“Yessir!” vannrox continues.

Things have certainly changed. Anyone who STILL thinks that the United States is a Republic, setup and run like it was originally intended to is an idiot.

Anyways, I have been involved in all sorts of work. It’s part of my charter, don’t ya know. I’ve done many, many things. From stuff for the government, to consumer products, automotive electronics, and international trade. My story is one of confusion, and all kinds of things that don’t fit the conventional narrative. So, of course… folk are gonna get offended.

It’s a long personal statement, from a Free Republic blogger (a “Freeper”) who goes a long way back, full of history, analysis, and interesting interpretation.

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