Building the City of God AND Man – Francis and the Idolatry of Migrants

Penetrating analysis, how Francis does have a way with words.

. . . [he] misuses Catholicism as a prop to promote his leftist political agenda. He takes the spiritual and reduces it to the mundane; he takes what are essentially supernatural truths pertaining chiefly to men’s salvation and refocuses them on natural objects. This way the Gospel is perverted because turned away from its proper end. At the same time, Francis appears to be preaching the truth because he ostensibly gets his doctrine from the Gospel text. Such a tactic is as successful as it is deceptive. [boldface mine.]

You will probably want to keep in mind that the writer is a sedevacantist, one who considers the papal chair empty and has been empty for several papacies. You also will want to pay attention to his analysis, prescending, as the philosophers say, from his sedevacantism.

More more more, of course, at the above-linked site.

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