When it comes to Viganò, Pope Francis continues to deflect and distract – Catholic World Report

He’s hard to pin down, as in a recent interview.

Pope Francis . . . went on to say that he could not remember whether Vigan?? had mentioned Uncle Ted [Cardinal McCarrick] to him. Francis seems to have a tough time remembering lots of things. He can???t remember what he told the Argentinian woman who wrote to him seeking counsel on her irregular marital situation and her relationship with the Church.

Pope Francis has never said what happened to the letter Juan Carlos Cruz wrote him. One wonders what happened to it, especially since the Pope reportedly received it some three years before he claimed never to have received any proof evidence against Bishop Juan Barros.

In the absence of a paper trail, ???I don???t recall,??? is usually enough to keep a formal indictment at arm???s length from heads of state (from ones, at least, who are subject to the law), but Pope Francis is not subject to any earthly judgment. He doesn???t have to run for re-election, either.

He’s home free.

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