Pope Francis’s Strange Bedfellows

If you’ll pardon the expression.

One would assume a radical pope like Francis would at least keep a few token conservatives in his entourage. On the contrary: many of his appointees are well to the Left of his own public image. Much can be gleaned about the Holy Father’s mind by studying the men he entrusts with power and authority.

Take the appointment of Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia to head the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family. The regime-change took place two years ago; now, as expected, Paglia is conducting a Stalin-style purge of the Academy.

All the members of the Institute who subscribe to John Paul’s view of marriage and morality are being handed pink slips—a color which suggests the new direction that Paglia has in mind for the Institute.

Of course, this is the man now famous for having commissioned an enormous homoerotic fresco to “grace” an interior wall of his cathedral. In the picture, a semi-nude (his lower half is mercifully shielded by a sheet) Archbishop Paglia is seen clutching a nude man who returns his embrace.

The fresco:

Featured Image



From the commentariat for this article:

The suspicious side of me wonders whether Pope Francis chose to live in Santa Marta so that he could have night time visitors more easily. Other guests at the hotel could easily come visit him at night this way. It would have been much more noticeable at the Apostolic palace, and much harder to do. His living arrangements in Argentina were such that he arranged that no housekeepers, etc would be around his place at night. Maybe this humility was not humility at all.

Also, look who he appointed as head of the Santa Marta Hotel now – Ricca, the famous “Who am I to judge” homosexual prelate that was caught with rent boys. Ricca now has control over the hotel where all visiting cardinals stay. So if the pope has night time visitors, Ricca can arrange so that security is placed out of the way, etc. And if I allow myself to be suspicious, I wonder if Ricca could collect information, by electronic or other means, on the behavior of visiting cardinals, making them more pliable and amenable to doing exactly as they are told.

It’s a shame that we have gotten to the point where there is zero trust in the Pope, his appointees, etc. But that is where we are.

In a shameful place.

Read more at Crisis Magazine

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