From Catholic journalism’s Washington Post/NY Times, a papal exhortation . . .

It’s John Allen’s Crux, quoting the world’s holiest father offering “political” advice — can you imagine that? — but with a contradictory twist:

A political solution to this threat, he said, would be to “eliminate one’s own connivance and corruption,” and assume concrete responsibility for the people who live in the area.

Whoa. “One’s own connivance” etc.? Personal responsibility, apparently. Get political, apparently. “Concrete,” says the writer. Francis means you and you and you. Get off your couch and vote and vote and who knows what else?

He had priests in the barrio in Argentina when he was their Jesuit provincial, whose canonical faculties (official church approval) he revoked at an inopportune moment — just before they were arrested by that country’s freedom-crushing regime.

This getting off the couch did not work well for them.

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