Column: White America, if you want to know who’s responsible for racism, look in the mirror

No thanks, Dahleen. I am so eaten up with self-hate, you know. Can’t stand the sight.

While we’re at it, how are you with your white workmates? You must be a joy for them, though some may like wallowing.

But me? Count me out.

Later, alligator.

via Chicago Tribune

Something gnomic this way comes . . .

Wrap your head around this . . .

Not for attribution

. . . from Aussie writer Lydia Davis’ early collection Break It Down (1986):

Though everyone wishes it would not happen, and thought it would be far better if it did not happen, it sometimes does happen that a second daughter is born and there are two sisters.

I love (a) the sentence structure, (b) the irony.

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