Editorial: When Oak Park’s mayor isn’t liberal enough for destructive protesters – Chicago Tribune

Trib’s very good analysis . . .

Oak Park Chronicles

Chi Trib editors ask,

What’s it going to take for reasonable people to reject, openly and just as loudly, the criminal behavior and destructive tactics of radicals in their midst?

And turns to the Oak Park brat attack:

Look at what happened Aug. 25 in Oak Park, a village known for its progressive leanings, for embracing diversity and kindness, for prioritizing racial equity in its institutions. Not good enough, apparently. Protesters seeking to defund the Police Department, along with a laundry list of largely unworkable demands, descended on Mayor Anan Abu-Taleb’s home during a virtual Village Board meeting. . . .

According to multiple news reports, the Oak Park protesters chalked and spray-painted vulgarities on the sidewalk. They sat and stood on the mayor’s porch and confronted his wife, in her face and not wearing masks, when she returned home. They walked into his backyard and threw eggs at…

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