Left Preps for Post-Election Violence if Trump loses. Projection, anyone?

Egad, when it’s they who are the violent ones:

Story Claims Left is Preparing for MAGA Violence Should Trump Lose

A cluster of far left groups, like Planned Parenthood and MoveOn, are among those who appear to believe the right is where the violence may come (Daily Beast). From Mollie Hemingway: Resistance figures signaling that they are prepping for violent resistance to 2020 election if they lose. All while claiming that what they’re AKSHUALLY doing is preparing for, uh, widespread GOP violence. Really. Some interesting projection and propaganda here (Twitter). From Michael Dougherty: There’s no talk whatsoever among mainstream or even Breitbartian Republicans of putting on displays of force on the streets around election time. But there’s a TON of it among elite Dems! (Twitter). From Will Chamberlain: Seems like the party that is currently setting cities on fire is the party that’s more likely to set cities on fire if they lose (Twitter). From Erielle Davidson: Pretty sure it’s not Trump voters burning down major cities right now. How unintelligent do these orgs think the American public is? (Twitter).

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