We are watching a replay of the French Revolution

Which didn’t turn out well.

The French Revolution was a decade of social and political upheaval beginning in 1789 and ending in 1799. It was a long, bloody coup by commoners to replace the monarchal class with institutions constructed by the state. The Revolution overthrew the monarchy with violent uprisings by citizens in the streets, which culminated in a dictatorship under Napoleon, a key leader of the civil unrest. It created an emperorship for those who catalyzed the rebellion, who had wished for a democracy.

The mob took over.

By the end of the revolution the French government was bankrupt. Inflation, taxation, lawlessness and unemployment were out of control. The French had lost control of the country, and disruptive civil unrest continued. There were fears of a royalist restoration or a return of Jacobin. There were rumors cultish leaders planned to sell the country to The House of Bourbon, the kings that first ruled France. After a decade-long bloody coup, the French merely traded a king for Emperor Napoleon.

Now Portland and other cities, tomorrow what?

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