Attorney General for the U.S. Virgin Islands demands new Epstein flight logs in lawsuit, Epstein’s contacts in “panic” | Disrn

This woman apparently means business.

Epstein, who owned a home on the island of Little St. James, first had a case built against him when the flight logs of one of his planes, the “Lolita Express,” were subpoenaed in 2009. Pilot David Rodgers subsequently provided the logs, which revealed several famous individuals had frequented the jet, including former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew of the U.K. These logs did not include flights made by Larry Visoski, Epstein’s pilot for more than 25 years.

The new logs will provide records for seven additional aircraft from 1998 to 2019.

“The records that have been subpoenaed will make the ones Rodgers provided look like a Post-It note,” said a legal source told The Mirror. “There is panic among many of the rich and famous.”

And when she finishes in the islands, maybe she could come to Cook County.

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