Where’s Waljoe? Tired Joe Biden Ditching 1/3rd of Campaign, Harris Shaking Off the Press

Aging gracefully can be a wonderful thing. But when you’re running for president?

Tired Joe Biden has already been put out to pasture by his own campaign and he isn’t even president yet. If that weren’t enough, Democratic veep nominee Kamala Harris is dodging the press like I used to drop third-period French.

We’re on the 24th day of September, and the Biden campaign has “called a lid” on Punxsutawney Joe making any “further” appearances today for the ninth time this month.

The word went out before ten AM.

Biden’s last lid was called on Tuesday morning, just 48 hours prior to the current lid.

“Call a lid” is an old campaign expression meaning the candidate is done for the day.

However, I’ve heard it so infrequently over the years that I had to look it up when Biden’s less-than-lazy campaign schedule became undeniable even to the Complicit Media.


Alec Sears


This is every day so far in the month of September that the Biden Campaign has called a full lid before Noon



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