Facebook warns me about Louisville, a U-Haul and George Soros

It’s what they do.

Your Post Is Missing Context Independent fact-checkers at PolitiFact say information in your post is missing context and could mislead people. We’ve added a notice to your post.

POLITIFACTFact-Check PolitiFact – Fact-checking disinformation about Louisville, a U-Haul and George Soros
PolitiFact is a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others on its Truth-O-Meter.

All fact-checkers who partner with Facebook must be signatories of the International Fact-Checking Network and follow their Code of Principles.

Learn more about how Facebook works with independent fact-checkers to stop the spread of false information. Watch video in Help Center.

It’s a first for me. Led me to look P-fact up. Found this:

Politifact is a web site run by some left-wing journalists at the Tampa Bay Times. As you might expect from academic studies of media bias, their content might as well be written by the Democrat Party. But it’s not enough to just declare Politifact a Democrat propaganda operation – I need to actually give you details and examples. And so I will, in the rest of this post.

Which I will leave for later.

3 thoughts on “Facebook warns me about Louisville, a U-Haul and George Soros

  1. Not the answer. Of course you have this link. It’s the one to the Facebook message. But that’s to my account, and without being into it, no one but me can see it. In effect, I can’t link to it, can give only the copy, which is in the body of my post.


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