Corruption of the Best is The Worst: The Jesuits, The Church, & the Deep State

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Vigano is down on the Jesuits.

Seeking to find any coherence of the recent action of the Society of Jesus with the original intentions of Saint Ignatius of Loyola is an arduous if not impossible task, to the point that in hindsight one considers the reconstitution of the Order in 1814 after its suppression by Clement XIV in 1773 to have been ill-advised. [!]

It is not surprising that, in the process of dissolution and self-demolition to which the entire ecclesial body is subjected, the contribution of the Jesuits has been – and still remains – decisive. It is no coincidence that since 2013 even the highest throne has been occupied by a Jesuit, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, even though this is in violation of the Ignatian Rule that forbids members of the Society of Jesus to take up positions in the hierarchy.

An all-systems-go condemnation.

Italy “a testing ground”…

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A Curveball Isn’t an Existential Threat, a new virus is not an asteroid heading for planet earth . . .

Chicago Newspapers

An economist suggests an appropriate, not inappropriate, response.

A Curveball Isn’t an Existential Threat

boudreauxDonald J. Boudreaux

– October 5, 2020

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Nothing is easier than imagining hypothetical threats to humanity that differ so categorically from any that we’ve experienced before that it would be folly to stick to the familiar rules of the game. Earth is in the path of a hurtling asteroid that will within weeks certainly blow our entire planet to smithereens unless the state confiscates on command whatever it needs to quickly build a giant missile to intercept the doomsday rock.

But it’s infantile to mistake a problem unusually challenging for one so unprecedented that many of the foundational rules of society are to be abandoned indefinitely. Just because reality occasionally throws us curveballs with uncommonly large arcs does not mean that we…

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Biden Emerges as A Country-Club Snob, Hypocrite

Chicago Newspapers

Says Trump is the kind that won’t let certain people into his country club. Not so.

Mr. Biden’s accusation that Mr. Trump is the one excluding people from country clubs is inaccurate. The reality is that Mr. Trump is the one who was himself barred from clubs in Palm Beach, Florida As a result, he started one with more populist policies.

Here is how the Washington Post, which is the farthest thing from a Trump campaign organ, described it in a 2019 news article: “Trump was shut out of all the private clubs, the heart of Palm Beach social life. … So Trump opened Mar-a-Lago as a private club in 1995. Unlike the Everglades or Bath and Tennis clubs, which did not admit Jewish members, and the Palm Beach Country Club, which admitted wealthy Jews, Mar-a-Lago was open to anyone. ‘Basically, he didn’t care who came in as long…

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