“Does Jesus love me?” and other pregnant thoughts during mass . . .

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

From this woolgathering pewsitter, a few years back . . .

Sunday morning mass. I write, therefore I am at church, where having forgot my reading material, I must jot so as to reduce awareness of the liturgy according to Fr. X. Oh?

Does Jesus love me? No question he does. Do I him? I think so. No. Sure I do, based on what I know about him. Definitely. Have had to take others’ word so far, but yes, definitely. When I meet Him, assuming that I will, and I do assume it, then I will know for sure. And that’s the long and short of it.

Pope Francis’ okaying divorce and remarriage — put “remarriage” in quotes if you wish — calls for a better argument than his essay “Amoris Laetitiae” contains? I would say so. His application of Ignatian discernment of spirits is misdirected, for…

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