Jill’s resume under the microscope


Late Friday, the Wall Street Journal columnist Joseph Epstein wrote a cheeky column pointing out the obvious: that if you burst into a room frantically looking for a doctor, one would be very disappointed to have Jill Biden raise her hand in response.

A bit pissed-off too, in my view.

Epstein’s words prompted apoplexy among the Biden family’s political enforcers. He’d been — wait for it — sexist! Former First Lady Michelle Obama weighed in: ‘We’re all seeing what also happens to so many professional women, whether their titles are Dr, Ms, Mrs, or even First Lady: all too often, our accomplishments are met with skepticism, even derision.’


Well, of course those accomplishments are being met with derision. First Lady-elect Jill Biden doesn’t even have a PhD, but instead an EdD, famous across academia for being an easy way for school administrators to inflate their credentials and get a bigger paycheck.

While PhDs at least have to slave away for half a decade, balancing coursework and a dissertation with teaching requirements, Lady Biden’s degree was only a three-year part-time commitment. Not only that, but only a 2.75 undergraduate GPA is required to enter the program. Cockburn has met furniture that could manage a 2.75 at American colleges (it helps if the furniture can play basketball).

More more more here from the above-referenced Cockburn . . .

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