The Biden border surge

He don’t like no borders anyway, and border-jumpers get that.

It’s no mystery. People in Central America and Mexico follow the news. They know what is going on in the United States. They know that Biden has pledged to halt all deportations for 100 days, to create a path to citizenship for illegal entrants, to dramatically reduce detention, to allow those who enter illegally to stay in the U.S. while their cases are considered, to stop construction of the border wall — they see it all. “If you had a moratorium on deportations, you shut down a lot of ICE detention,” former Immigration and Customs Enforcement official Tom Homan told Giaritelli. “If you’re not going to be detained, you’re not going to be deported, there’s going to be no more work-site enforcement operations, we’re gonna give you your free healthcare, including COVID treatment, why would you not come?”

Even press outlets friendly to the new administration are sounding the alarm. “Swiftly reversing Trump administration policies could be construed as opening the floodgates,” the New York Times reported recently, “risking a rush to the border that could quickly devolve into a humanitarian crisis.”

Bible says. Could be biblical.

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