Where Did Covid Come From?

Questions, the inquiring mind (rather, its owner) has questions.

The focus of the worldwide public’s attention on masks, lockdowns, infection rates, and vaccines serves to prevent any investigation of Covid’s origin. Did a disease of bats or some other creature mutate so that humans became susceptible?

If so, why was research on how to make pathogens more infectious going on at the University of North Carolina and allegedly at a US military lab and then transferred to Wuhan where it was financed by Fauci at N.I.H.?

Is the justification for this research—to prepare for a pandemic—a cover for covert bioweapons development? If so, why was Washington working with China on . . . ???

Well golly, hasn’t your local paper gone over this stuff ad nauseam? It hasn’t? Well golly, that’s a shame . . .

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