On the road to mandatory masks: A crosstown journey

Not for attribution

On this day I set my sights on the 7:38 #22 bus at Clark and Balmoral, destination the church of my choice at (roughly) Chicago and Ogden/Milwaukee, which is (roughly) a half hour by auto, an hour by bus. Not doing auto (a) for change and (b) driving takes more out of me that I want to expend so early in the day.

However: Getting to the Clark Street assignation early, I unfortunately decided what the hay, tempted by the appearance on the scene of the earlier bus, thinking I’d get to church earlier — for the 8:30 mass. Alas . . . but let the scene play out.

My Clark bus reached Lawrence, 8 blocks on, at 7:30, moving right along, hustle, hustle, driver doing his stuff, no nonsense. And before we knew it, Montrose, mile and half to go to my transfer. Then Irving, a mile. Making good…

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