Dr. Fauci’s judgment call. Look out!

Uncertain trumpet. But look, he’s a longtime bureaucrat. So give him some room. Or, as with say with a different meaning, give him a wide berth. Don’t take him too seriously. (Which is advice lost on Democrat officials in blue states.)

Fauci Struggles to Explain Why CDC Won’t Say Vaccinated Are Safe to Fly

Telling the reporter “When you don’t have the data, and you don’t have the actual evidence, then you’ve got to make a judgment call” (Washington Examiner). Meanwhile, the data shows the rate of hospitalization for those over 50 has plunged (CDC). The New York Times now admits “New York City’s public schools have seen remarkably low virus transmission compared with the citywide rate of positive test results in the months since the nation’s largest school system reopened for thousands of students” (NY Times).

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