Rand Paul vs. Dr. Funnyman and his masking operation . . .

A public service announcement:

Dear Patriot, I believe in science. I spent most of my life studying it and practicing medicine.

I don’t believe that’s what we are currently following in our country.

And I had a few words to say about it to the patron saint of the petty tyrants – Dr. Fauci.

Some days I seem to be the only one up here standing up.

Can I count on your to stand up with me today?

Here’s what I said to Dr. Fauci in our Senate hearing:

“If people aren’t spreading the diseases, aren’t mask mandates just theater? YOU have had the vaccine, and you’re sitting here wearing TWO masks. Isn’t that just theater?”

The truth is, it is theater. Nothing else.

But it’s worse. It’s taking your freedom. The lockdown rules are still costing people jobs and businesses

The school closures are hurting our kids

And I’ve had enough.

I will stand up here in front of every official, every petty tyrant, every camera to reach the American people and tell them – you need to say you’ve had enough too.

Will you help me wage this battle for our freedom and our economy?

I will be facing an onslaught of liberal special interest money. They will spare no expense

Can I count on your to help fight back?


In Liberty,

Rand Paul

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