Peter’s pennies — slash hundreds of millions — down a rabbit hole in London, the short arm of the Vatican is on the case . . .

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“Trial of the century,” heh, running into bump in road to justice:

To date, the trial has had a rocky rollout. Vatican prosecutors, known as the office of the Promoter of Justice, initially defied a court order to turn over video and audio recordings of witnesses, citing privacy rights.

The prosecution did this?

The Vatican tribunal rejected that claim, insisting evidence in a trial is, by definition, public.

Prosecutors this week turned over 52 DVDs full of recordings to the court, which will be available to defense lawyers, but included a list of 38 omissions justified only by “investigative interests.”

The deleted material could be as much as two hours long, and the cuts have elicited howls of protest from the defense.

The court had to explain to the prosecutors why not to hold evidence back? It’s a public trial, the court had to say. Vatican no…

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