Call for “Catholic counterrevolution” from Polish archbishop

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Cited by Pope Francis’ most articulate opponent in the Church’s internecine warfare, Archbishop Vigano:

Polish Archbishop Jan Paweł Lenga said that it is time for a Catholic counterrevolution if we do not want the Church to sink under the heresies and vices of mercenaries and traitors. The promise of the Non prævalebunt [“{the gates of hell} will not prevail”] does not exclude in the least, rather it asks and demands firm and courageous action not only on the part of bishops and priests, but also of the laity, who as never before are treated as subjects, despite the fatuous appeals to active participation in his role in the Church.

Take note: clericalism has reached its peak under the “pontificate” of those who hypocritically do nothing but stigmatize it.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop December 27, 2021

Matters have not reached such a pass for many, what? Decades?…

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