Brain damage feared: not from Covid itself, but from the lockdown

Chicago Newspapers

Four days ago, from Phil Lawler (emphasis added):

A research team at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has raised a new concern about the Covid epidemic. Their data show that “for some people, societal and lifestyle disruptions during the pandemic may have triggered inflammation in the brain that can affect mental health.”

The study found “higher levels of translocator protein in certain brain regions” among people who experienced “severe mood, mental, and fatigue symptoms.” These results were evident both in people who had contracted the virus and those who had escaped it. In other words, their research suggests that the brain inflammation might have been caused not by the disease, but by the lockdown.

We already know some of the costs of the lockdown: the jobs lost, the businesses ruined, the school-years missed, the strain on families, the spike in suicides and drug overdoses, the medical screenings postponed, the undetected…

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