Cardinal Cupich and 59 cardinalatial friends hash matters out in private Chicago meeting

Watch out.

This should strike fear in all of the faithful Catholics in the United States: Cardinal Cupich and club just had an invitation-only event featuring the sixty bishops who voted against discussing Eucharistic Coherence, the liberals from Rome steering the “synodal process”, and the liberal Catholic media.

They had to fess up because JD Flynn and The Pillar caught wind of it, but clearly, Cardinal “We should all get together as brother bishops and discuss” Cupich has now become Cardinal “It hasn’t been going too well so we need to spin the narrative” Cupich.

Feisty female commentator lays it out.

Translation? “We need to make it look like we are the loyal bishops and paint everyone else like they are disobedient schismatics. We need to work the synodal process like Germany.”

She quotes Natl Catholic Reporter:

Through a series of keynote presentations and panel discussions centered on tracing the roots of Francis’ papacy to the 1962-65 Second Vatican Council, invited participants also considered the opposition the pope continues to face from some quarters of the U.S. church, more than nine years after his March 2013 election.

And explains feistily:

Some quarters? Uh, let’s see. I believe that is the 75% of bishops and cardinals who don’t agree with the positions of Cardinal Cupich, James Martin, SJ, Cardinal Tobin, and the rest of their ilk on sodomy, same-sex marriage and abortion.

They absolutely do not want those percentages known because then the faithful who don’t pay attention to the elitist politics of Cardinal Cupich’s people might just come to think, “Huh, maybe this isn’t exactly a schismatic group when the vast majority of our bishops and cardinals feel this way.”

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