This guy condemned lockdown from the start, now finds NY Times condemning it much later, with not a word about his book on the subject . . .

Would like to have been wrong about it, but . . . 

If I’d been wrong, I could apologize and beg the bluechecks for forgiveness. But I was right, so they can’t forgive me. Instead they ostracize me – while stealing everything I wrote.

Yesterday a longtime Team Reality member pointed me to an anti-lockdown piece in “The Dispatch,” a conservative newsletter that is supposedly one of Substack’s most popular (though I’d never heard anyone mention it before).

“You have been vindicated without ever mentioning your name,” he wrote.

I didn’t know what he meant.

Then I read the piece, which is called Our Failed COVID Response.

It explains that “even those who earnestly supported and complied with COVID measures have begun to wonder how much of it made sense – ” a blinding glimpse of the obvious. Then it laments the “values and principles we tossed aside, seemingly without scruple, in early 2020.”

For readers wondering how “we tossed aside” those values, the piece focuses on three drivers: the apparently successful lockdown in Wuhan, Italy’s panicked shutdown, and the report from Neil Ferguson and Imperial College on March 16 predicting millions of deaths and hospital collapse without an immediate and total lockdown.

It was at this point in my reading I realized what my Team Reality friend had meant.

And my blood pressure started to go up.  . . .

Read the rest of the man’s freeby part . . . Great man, once a NYTimes reporter, etc. Dropped everything to do what newsies the nation over did not do. . . .