Packing the court, the Pope Francis way

Don’t cry for him, Argentina.

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

Fr. Hunwicke wonders about multiplying cardinal’s membership, with effect of diluting the college’s clout.

I wonder if, this time, PF [Francis] will allow the Empurpled Fathers to get to know each other by actually conversing … at least … please, Holy Father … in sign language.

So far, he has talked a lot about Parrhesia, but what that seems to mean is “If you agree with me, say so much more loudly”.

The previous facility given to Cardinals at Consistories, to exchange views with each other in a synodical sort of way, has been prevented in the more recent Consistories.

Loss of complete control, doncha know, is dangerous. Viva Peron! Even viva Eva!

Nor is the Peronista reference out of order. This Holy Father is one politician!

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