Return to the excommunicated preacher, weeks before the bell tolled for his expulsion as pastor, . . . and various exchanges between him and his excommunicating bishop

The bishop and the preacher seem unable to become friends.

Let us consider the Bishop Lopes-Fr. Treco exchanges beginning with the day after the first chancery meeting weeks before the closing down of his role as pastor and preacher.

December 13, Second Chancery Meeting, Fr. T.:

I met again with Bishop Lopes, Fr. Perkins, and Fr. Kramer. The fruit of my night in prayer was the conviction that my next step should be to offer a personal Profession of Faith so that the bishop would have a clearer sense of my mind. Bishop Lopes concurred.

As this brief meeting was winding down, Bishop Lopes made one or two comments which I thought were disparaginto those he referred to as traditionalists.

Almost certainly this was the case, as regards the disparaging part. . . .

Tales of the excommunicated preacher continued . . .

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