Canon lawyer to Houston, where the bishop resides: Please reconsider your excommunication of Father Treco Strong argument here on the priest’s behalf, based on rules by which the Church protects the rights of the accused, limiting a bishop’s power, vs. kangaroo court approach

Accused of avowing heresy and fomenting schism in a homily subsequently widely viewed on a traditionalist site, Fr. Vaughn Treco got a canon lawyer to plead his case. Here is the nub of his argument  according to Canon Law.

April 11, 2019: Fr. Treco’s lawyer explains to Bishop Lopes why he should reverse his suspension and excommunication of Fr. Treco for his 11/25/18 homily:

First: No recognized legal procedure was followed, it was a conviction decided by the Bishop, who in a “pastoral action” lawfully made his complaints and gave instructions to his priest.

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