Fr. George Clements abuse payout was one of five for total of $800G

Movie about him dramatized adoption of 4 teen-age boys in 1980.

CHICAGO (LifeSiteNews), 4/30/22 — The Chicago Archdiocese has paid an $800,000 settlement over five cases of sexual abuse, one of which involved a well-known priest who was charged with abusing a minor in the 1970s.

Fr. George Clements died in 2019, aged 87, after serving as pastor of Holy Angels Parish from 1969 to 1991. At the time of his installation, he became the second black Catholic pastor in Chicago and was heavily involved in the civil rights movement.  The 1987 movie The Father Clements Story dramatized the priest’s adoption of four teenage boys in 1980.

But of the four priests in the suit, only he is not listed by the archdiocese.

On Tuesday of this week [of 4/30/22], at a press conference held in front of the Chicago Archdiocese, Cardinal Blase Cupich was asked to list Clements publicly among clergy with substantiated allegations of sexual abuse against a minor.

Robert Hoatson, a Road to Recovery co-founder, declared: “Fitzharris is there. Holihan is there. Weston is there. Why not Clements?”

“This happened in February, this settlement,” Garabedian said.

“[Cardinal Cupich has] had all this time to place his name on the website. The time for hiding and secrecy is over. It’s time to be transparent so the victims, the survivors, can try to heal.”

Yes. The latest list, June 8, 2021, has the three named above but no Clements.  Why is that?

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