Pope Francis again castigates fellow Catholics

He has a way with words. Whence comes such another?

#PopeFrancis at Mass to mark 60 years since opening of Vatican II says that progressivism and “traditionalism — or backwardness — aren’t evidence of love, but of infidelity” and “Pelagian egoisms which put our own tastes and plans above the love that pleases God.”

As chief shepherd of millions, he owes us an explanation. For instance, what are Pelagian egoisms? Try what duckduckgo (a google alternative) comes up with and see where you fit in. You might learn something.

It’s heretical, that much is for sure, and while denying original sin, is clearly something that puts the blame not only on Mame but on all of us. Born free of evil tendencies, we can make it on own after all and if we don’t, then . . . You get it.

In any case, the shepherd of us all . . . what? As I say, he should explain.