Stuff (“Liberal” Yuppie) White People Like

From the archives:

The short-lived blog, Stuff White People Like (2008-2010), was fun while it lasted (if taken in small doses). I may be the last person to have found it. But, unlike white-”liberal”-yuppie persons, being au courant isn’t “where I’m at” (to use an expression that’s probably no longer au courant).

There are 136 entries. Here are my suggested additions:

  • Foreign-language films — especially if incomprehensible, even with subtitles, about angst and suffering, and without an ending (the French way).
  • Dressing casually — especially at fine restaurants. It’s a fetish — like wearing shorts regardless of the temperature.
  • Public schools — for other people’s children.
  • Public universities —très gauche, even if you attended one.
  • Cheese — as in “I found this wonderful little cheese store.”

Plus many, many more, if yr interested . . .

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