Bill Barr: Trump Will Burn Down the GOP. Time for New Leadership

The Republican Party has a historic opportunity to revive the old Reagan coalition. The person standing in the way is the 45th president, writes the former attorney general.

He didn’t support his candidacy in 2016, doesn’t support it now, for reasons he gives having to do with crudity, rudeness, carelessness etc.


I also saw Trump’s strengths. I liked the clear and direct way he staked out a position and his willingness to state unpleasant truths that many were afraid to say. I appreciated that he was willing to confront head-on difficult issues—like unfair trade deals, or our allies’ paltry defense spending—that other politicians dodged. Above all, Trump had accurately diagnosed, and given voice to, the deep frustration of many middle-class and working-class Americans who were fed up with the excesses of progressive Democrats; the shameless partisanship of the mainstream media; and the smug condescension of elites who had mismanaged the country, sold them out, and appeared content to preside over the decline of America.

So he saved the country from four years of Mme. Clinton, but so what, Barr says. To which, no thanks.

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