How am I supposed to get any work done when I come across a lede ‘graph like this that draws me from my supposedly worthwhile enterprise?

Well I can settle for posting it, can’t I?


Turns out the United States is only average when it comes to alcohol consumption. Which seems not only a surprise, but a profound disappointment as well. At least we’re ahead of Sweden. »

See what I mean?

From merrie England, no need wear mask!

Billed as good news – kinda! by the wonderful “Smile free” site:

Care Minister Helen Whately has just announced masks won’t be required on staff in care homes in England… hopefully this is another nail in the coffin of widespread masking, though in typical Government fashion, Whately doesn’t have the guts to just bin masks altogether and signal a clean break, but passes the buck down to individual employers.

Whately’s statement is quoted in The Express saying:

“For most people, Covid restrictions are a memory and life is back to normal – but not for those in care homes or being cared for at home.

For them, many of the people they see are still wearing masks.

It’s a barrier to communication. [No!] And it gets in the way of a smile that could brighten the day.

Masks make it hard to understand what people are saying. [No!] For deaf people, it makes it impossible to lip-read. [Really?]

That’s about to change. Whether care workers have to wear masks will be the decision of the care home or care agency.”

Complete with mocking analysis of how THOSE PEOPLE talk:

So… lots of harms we’d all be better off without… but we’re gonna leave it up to individual care homes to keep doing it… based on how they feel on any given day… a full 998 days after the first lockdown. Gotcha.

It’s better than nothing of course, but just like with hospital and GP surgeries [office visits, for those who don’t watch Britbox or Acorn], we can now expect a “postcode lottery” with some care homes continuing to mask staff and presumably pushing them on visitors too. On which note…

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Twitter Files reveal suppression of the New York Post’s reporting on Biden family corruption . . .

. . . at the behest of the deep state authorities with whom Twitter was collaborating. The absurd letter by 51 former intelligence officials reported by Natasha Bertrand and published by Politico was a key piece of the puzzle (to the extent it was a puzzle). Holman Jenkins takes it up in his Wall Street Journal column,

which has this among its riches:

So compromised are the national reporting staffs of the Washington Post, the New York Times and other outlets that they can’t be trusted on the biggest story of the day. A Jeff Bezos, say, would have to take a page from the CIA’s own history and recruit a “Team B” off-site from his Washington Post to investigate the laptop ruse, then require his newspaper to report the truth however discomfiting to its newsroom and leadership.

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