The king of trite

We pick on Obama for his statist policies, but do we pick on him for his regular use of bromides and nostrums?  We should.  Just today on The View, where a gaggle of admirers were joined by their usual conservative Hasselbeck, he came up with these that flash across his TelePrompter mind:

So why did Obama decide to go on the daytime chatfest? “I was trying to find a show that [First Lady] Michelle [Obama] actually watched,” the President said on the show.

Here’s a case of playing to the expected, or expecting.  It’s what the old boy says deprecatingly of the lady of the house, you know, accompanied by boyish grin.  He has the moves, yes.

. . . he talks about the economy, the oil spill and a “whole host of other issues.” He says the economy has started to stabilize and grow again.

Passing over what he says the economy is doing, how about that “whole host” business? 

“Politics is a contact sport,” says Obama. But he says “We shouldn’t be campaigning all the time.”

Passing over the second part, at which coming from him many would gag, “contact sport” is sure telling.

Told (by Hasselbeck) we’re “very divided,” he said,

“My hope is that I try to set a tone” that we can disagree without being disaggreable. He says the media loves conflict, and doesn’t report on agreements.

Can’t say enough for this trifecta of “my hope is” (vs. “I hope”), “disagree without” etc., and media as loving conflict.  At least he didn’t blame it on Bush.

That’s all for now.  more more more to come . . .

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