More on the Obama shell game

Spelling out the money issue: Insurance companies don’t print money:

They aren’t empowered to create money out of nothing the way the Federal Reserve is.

If they’re going to pay doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to provide these things then they are going to pay for them with money they got from someone else.

Who else?

Why! The very same churches, church-related organizations, and individuals who are otherwise paying.



Secularism’s Toll on Catholic Americans | Daily News |

Chicago’s Fr. Robert Barron drops a “rhetorical bomb.”

The secularist state recognizes that its principle enemy is the Church Catholic. Accordingly, it wants Catholicism off the public stage and relegated to a private realm where it cannot interfere with secularism’s totalitarian agenda. I realize that in using that particular term, I’m dropping a rhetorical bomb, but I am not doing so casually.

via Secularism’s Toll on Catholic Americans | Daily News |

Catholic Bishops reject presidential accommodation

They would prefer not.

Catholic bishops said that they would not support the Obama administration’s proposed compromise on a controversial rule that requires most employers to fully cover contraception in their workers’ health plans.

Yes. Are Catholic universities, hospitals etc. simply to stand by and wash their hands of what their insurance carriers are doing?

What, me worry? is to be the stupid response Obama wants them to make?

He’s a snake in the grass, trying to lead them down a primrose path. (Some metaphor, eh?)

Obama the knife

Obama’s proposed penal law regarding Catholic institutions buying birth control and morning-after pill insurance (now immaculately accommodated) has sharp teeth:

Employers who violate the HHS mandate, and who thereby fail to provide the coverage HHS deems necessary under Obamacare, incur an annual penalty of roughly $2000 per employee. More precisely, as I understand it, the base penalty is $2000 x (number of full-time employees minus 30), and the base is increased each year by the rate of growth in insurance premiums. So, for example, Belmont Abbey College (one of the two plaintiffs already challenging the HHS mandate), which has 200 full-time employees, is facing an annual base penalty of $340,000. Colorado Christian University (the other plaintiff) has 280 full-time employees and is facing an annual base penalty of $500,000.

via Ethics and Public Policy Center: The HHS Contraception Mandate vs. the Religious Freedom Restoration Act 

For a school the size of Notre Dame? $10 million a year, a Becket Fund woman told Sean Hannity last night. (at 4:10 on tape)  Whoa, million here, million there, soon you’re talking real money.

Power to the people at Lutheran School

Chi’s Lutheran School Of Theology has this fellow Bill Fletcher Jr. as keynoter for the  Human Rights Awards Dinner of the Chicago Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression.  He’s gung-ho for reelecting Obama and offered this strategy:

1. Forget running a candidate against Obama in 2012. That would be a sure way to alienate much of his black and Latin base. Instead, there needs to be a progressive strategy focused on Congressional races. That means identifying key races to run genuine progressive candidates against conservative Democrats and/or Republicans.

2. We need to build an electoral organization that can run such candidates. There are examples of these around the country but we need to expand, ultimately building something at the national level that rivals the vision of the National Rainbow Coalition from the late 1980s. It needs to be an organization that has a mass base and can run candidates inside and outside the Democratic Party.

3. We desperately need mass action. Wisconsin was wonderful for many reasons but one important one was the sustained presence in the capitol. A protest movement focused on power needs to be prepared to break the law, not through the actions of a few individuals, but much as happened in Wisconsin, as well as in the Civil Rights movement, with masses of people making a situation untenable. [boldface added]

But we also have to develop key strategic targets for our actions where we are clear on what we want them to do. This will largely happen at the local level at first, but it can also happen at the national level, such as through selective boycotts.

4. We have to think and act globally and locally. We must link with social movements around the world challenging U.S. foreign policy, providing such movements with whatever level of support we can. We cannot allow more Honduras coup situations, and we have to make it clear that U.S. policy in Afghanistan is a disaster.

via Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog » Bill Fletcher, Jr. – Leading Socialist Calls for Mass Actions, Law Breaking, to Re-Elect Obama in 2012.

What would Martin Luther say?