Obama vs. church? You mean the scandal-tainted one?

I have generally held off endorsing accusations of biased coverage, instead finding my own examples and simply asking what’s going on here or something like it.  

But this scenario: punish Dolan with a Vatican scandal linked somehow to him to save Obama self-inflicted embarrassment, ah, there’s a case worth investigating and maybe even getting mad about.

In Desperate Attempt to Save Obama, NPR and AP Hype Another Catholic Church Scandal – Big Journalism.

Conscience butt out when gummint speaks

The bothersome thing about the birth control discussion is the ongoing defense of conscience as regards resisting church teaching combined with disrespect for conscience as regards government mandate.

Chi Trib today on the point is interesting.  It’s Rex Huppke on birth control etc. in John Kass’s spot, which I would link if the Trib site were not so uncooperative in the matter. 

More later on this, but have to get off now to post-mass breakfast with my friends Winnie and Mair.

Later: Ho-kay, Trib has Huppke-column link now.

In context of the above about conscience, consider what Notre Dame liberal studies prof Clark Power said.

Power — who spent seven years in a Catholic seminary [relevance not at all clear here] — said in an interview: “Some people see it as a liberty issue, and I understand that. But we all know there’s another issue: What about the consciences of Catholics?”

I’ll say.  What about them?  Shouldn’t gummint respect them and not make them buy what they don’t want?

Undoubtedly some Catholics would consider a world view that runs afoul of the church’s teachings to be disqualifying. They’d say, “Sorry, if you feel that way, you’re not a Catholic.”

Not quite.  Rather, it’s “Sorry but we’re not cooperating.”

But Power believes this: “The only way I know to do things right and morally is to have frank and honest discussions about things.”

Yes, and even then you might not know.  And if Power thinks birth control hasn’t been discussed by Catholics, he’s got no business teaching under the golden dome.  Especially in a time of increasing govt incursion into religion.