Trump’s “Refreshing departure”

Turmoil or original way to run the ship of state? Nominees are sometimes not saying what Trump says.

Pundits have used these differences to portray a new administration born in disarray. Yet perhaps we are witnessing something else.

Such frankness from cabinet nominees is a refreshing departure from the customary spectacle of officials robotically repeating their talking points. President Trump has not only picked extraordinarily capable men and women, he has self-assuredly encouraged them to speak their minds.

“I want them to be themselves,” he tweeted, “and express their own thoughts, not mine!”

Point is, he’s something new on the scene, if you haven’t noticed, has been from the start.The writer goes on to discuss other presidents’ leadership strategies, including George Washington, who listened to all sides of an issue from his top-drawer coterie, in a meeting, questioning each along the way, and then put a plan together.

via The Method in Trump’s Tumult – WSJ

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