The nutty professor with the Russian flags — He’s from ILLINOIS!

Creamer and the Congresswoman

What next for our great state?

From: Chicago Daily Observer » Blog Archive » Ryan Clayton, Creamer/Schakowsky Operative, Arrested on Capitol Hill

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  • Margaret McCarthy  On 10/25/2017 at 10:22 AM

    Scary, isn’t it?

    The universities and the high schools are filled with actual nutcases, convinced that they are doing God’s work.

    If you attend any high school board meetings, you won’t sleep well at night. Ever since the teacher’s unions flooded the election process in the late 1970’s, the school boards are the lapdogs of the teachers. Any candidates who would act as watchdogs have NO chance of being elected. The unions recruit and fund their stooges, the newspapers endorse them and the low turnout voters take the endorsements to heart since very little is released in their published interviews to show their true allegiances.

    As Laurie Higgins, IFI, stated in her recent newsletter, churches (non-Catholic) need to fund church schools to keep their children from the Leftist (and gender) propaganda. Many of the Protestant churches have classrooms available for Sunday School. They could recruit volunteer parents to staff their schools. We’ve come to a point where the saving of our society will only occur this way. Only Evangelicals would bother since they are holding the line on marriage, gender, patriotism, etc.

    Catholic schools, with the exception of the Willows and Northridge (Opus Dei), are going down the same path as the public schools.

    As a precinct committeeman in Lake County, I have the lists of voters and the ballots they take. With few exceptions, GOP voters have voting age children who ask for a Democrat ballot — so parental influence does not override the effect of the teachers and professors. Bill Ayers knew what he was doing.


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