Everything you wanted to know about Trump’s progress in spite of his bad press

The disruptor:

​A year into the Trump era, President Trump is living up to his advance billing as a “black swan” event for American politics — disrupting everything he touches.

He has opened divisions and brought chaos to both parties, and the turmoil is not going to abate with the midterm election next year, no matter what the result.

The GOP may never be the same, while a lurch further to the populist left by Democrats might be a formula for additional electoral disaster. The culture wars have gone thermonuclear, with institutions such as the NFL suddenly embroiled in heightened political controversy.​

​His timing was excellent.

In assessing Trump’s prospects, let’s keep in mind that Trump’s personal approval rating on election day was nearly as negative. Last year, Americans voted for someone they didn’t much like, reflecting the even greater dislike of Hillary Clinton and the desire for a change of direction in Washington. Change is what we got.​

​If there were never-Trumpers, there were also never-Hillary’s.​

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