Don’t Recycle: Throw It Away! | Mises Institute

​Have been meaning to look this up. Did so, and find my suspicions confirmed.​

Recycling has a high moral status, mostly because kids come home with bad information from schools and, in turn, use it to intimidate their parents. One poll revealed that 63% of kids have told Mom or Dad to recycle.

Parents, be ashamed no more! Throw that trash away. There’s no virtue in recycling trash that the market won’t pay you for. What our kids are learning is grounded in left-wing ideology, not fact or science​

​Common sense from the Mises people.​ Highlights? Each amplified in this article by Roy Cordato, “Don’t Recycle: Throw It Away!” The Free Market 13, no. 12 (December 1995).

* there is no landfill shortage.

* if your goal is to maximize the number of trees, don’t recycle.

* Recycling doesn’t save resources.

* Children are also told that recycling will reduce pollution. They are not told that the recycling process itself generates a great deal of pollution

* curbside recycling programs require more trash pickups per week. This means more trucks on the road generating more air pollution

* The recyclers have a much more ambitious agenda than they admit to children in public schools . . . “The so-called ‘standard of living,'” they conclude “has to be reduced.”

* Here we have the real goal of the recycling elite. And tragically this reduction in living standards has been achieved in the many cities that bought monstrously expensive recycling plants leading to fantastic waste, high taxes, and financially crippled local governments.

* Recyclers are not better citizens. They are just ill-informed. Save the earth, save the trees, stop pollution, and this holiday season, unwrap those presents, stuff the paper in a big plastic bag, and throw it all away.

Free, you and me, from time lost picking which kitchen receptacle. Count all those damn hesitations. No more. De-program yourself!

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