Chicago’s Cardinal Cupich takes a header . . .

. . . as his fellow American bishops go with another to head their pro-life operation.

Yesterday [Tuesday], something very unexpected happened.

In their Fall General Assembly for 2017, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) held votes on several items, among them, the chairmanship for their pro-life committee.

Faced with a choice between a bishop with a pro-life track record and a reliably progressive cardinal who has made serious compromises on life and doctrinal issues, the bishops — expected by many to follow “tradition” and vote for the man of higher ecclesiastical rank — broke with protocol and chose the pro-life candidate instead.

Is it a sign of new things to come as regards relations with Pope Francis, whose man Cupich has been to the Nth degree?

The liberal National Catholic Reporter called it giving Francis “the middle finger”!

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