Heresies we always have with us, Jesus did not say — but might have

From 17th-century wise man Thomas Browne:

That Heresies should arise, we have the Prophesie of Christ; but that old ones should be abolished, we hold no prediction.

That there must be Heresies, is true, not only in our Church, but also in any other: even in doctrines heretical, there will be super-heresies; and Arians not only divided from their Church, but also among themselves.

For heads that are disposed unto Schism and complexionally propense [inclined by temperament; I love his terminology] to innovation, are naturally indisposed for a community, nor will be ever confined unto the order or economy of one body [restlessly nonconformist]; and therefore, when they separate from others, they knit but loosely among themselves; nor contented with a general breach or dichotomy with their Church do subdivide and mince themselves almost into Atoms. [Make mincemeat of their new grouping!]

Browne, Sir Thomas. Religio Medici – Enhanced Version (p. 13). Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Kindle Edition.

Italics all mine, ditto bracketed items.

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